Raw umber- floral


Raw umber- floral

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Dazzling and bright, these raw umber shorts with floral prints all over, is ideal to display your effervescent personality. These all-day shorts offer a refreshing style with a zippered waist and moderate fit and are ideal for a walk on the beach or to sit on a park bench.

Washing Instructions:  All fabrics of ichakdana are hand-dyed with natural dyes. Compared to synthetic dyes, natural dyes tend to fade more quickly. Please follow proper care instructions so you can enjoy our clothes for as long as possible. To preserve the texture and color of cotton & linen, it’s highly recommended to wash with mild detergent or Ezee. Dissolve the detergent in the water first. Do not use bleach. Some household detergents contain bleach please check before use. Keep naturally dyed products out of direct sunlight. When drying outside please dry in a shaded area. Dry on line inside out. Avoid using hot water to wash the products and reverse iron, to preserve the natural shine of fabric & to enjoy the longevity of products.


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