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Buy Sarees Online – Wide Range of Saree Collections

Get your favorite elegant party wear sarees on Ichakdana. Various prints, colors & fabric options are available to complete your saree shopping list at best prices & discounts.

Indian Saree- Soul of Ethnic Wear

Saree since forever has been an all-time favorite when it comes to clothes…and mind your age is no bar here.  This is the most stylish and versatile piece of clothing every woman can buy and something which can be conveniently dressed up or dressed down as per the occasion you are wearing it to.

Sarees Collection- Different Types & Traditional Crafts

Saree styles and the draping styles and the textile differs from state to state. One can see and learn so much about a person’s history and background from the different styles in which a lady drapes her Saree. Different states also have their own preference for textiles and print on the saree they also depend on the climate and weather that particular state experiences throughout.

Saree is a Versatile ethnic wear

A saree is something that’s never out of fashion, be it casual or trendy,  it’s the oldest form of apparel but is still in vogue, the phrase “Old is Gold” aptly describes a saree. We can see that our deities also adorned saree with such perfection in all the mythological series. A teen girl is as excited to wear a saree as an aged lady gracefully adorns it. It’s actually not diamonds but saree which will is a girl’s best friend and will never disappoint you. If you wear a saree your confidence in the way you look and feel will always shoot up. So if you are feeling dull and low get your 9 yards of beauty out for a spin. Saree as a clothing item has seen so much progression, once upon a time where it was seen as just a piece of cloth to cover the body to now when it is known as the sexiest item in a women’s wardrobe

Saree Shopping for every occasion

Saree shopping looks like an ordeal at times but we at Ichakdana make it a tad bit easier for you by bringing quality with variety just a click away for you. Being any event like a wedding, cocktail, sangeet, or a formal occasion like a business meeting, brunch with colleagues, there are a plethora of options when it comes to a saree that one can choose from. One can explore their creativity with a single saree, match it with a different colored blouse and accessories to create a different kind of look every time with the same saree. Go wild with your imagination and never be disappointed with the outcome. 

Beautiful Saree Collection at Ichakdana

At Ichakdana we offer you a wide variety of exclusive ethnic, traditional as well as casual sarees, we have collaborated with artisans to bring crafts like ajrakh, hand block print, dabu, kantha, dhakai, chikankari alive in the most intricate and beautiful manner on the fabrics.

Indian Tradition in Sarees

We have featured prints that will steal your heart every single time you lay eyes on it. All our fabrics are either recycled or hand-loomed to encourage a guilt-free shopping spree. Every saree is a unique piece of artwork that is going to please not only your eyes but your soul. The fabrics chosen for each saree is hand-loomed and will make your skin fall in love with it. You can endlessly browse through our extensive collection and choose your pick and we are sure you will not be disappointed with either the quality of the service. The handloom sarees are a result of countless hours of work and dedication and will impress you only by a glance at it, the difference between a power loom and a handloom is that of the quality and the comfort that handloom has to offer a plus if you invest in a hand-loomed piece it will last you forever making your money worth its while.

Colors Of Saree

We also have a collection of Georgette sarees in chikankari, pieces that have been hand embroidered beautifully by the artisans. The color options will make you weak and you will definitely want to shop more. A chikankari saree as it is a wardrobe essential during summers and you will not regret buying your fav from our ethnic sari collection. Silk sarees are all about the good old charm we have a wide collection of silk sarees with different embroideries done on them. Silk sarees are extremely soft on the skin thus making them a summer favorite. Silk sarees also are a perfect option to gift to anyone, it’s a fabric that suits all age groups, you can look sexy and graceful at the same time if you wear a silk saree. All you guys…a quick tip to impress your her a silk saree and become the blue-eyed boy in seconds. You can thank us later.

Still, wondering what to wear to work?

We have the perfect option of cotton and silk sarees which have been printed with hand blocks with natural dyes, dabu hand block printed sarees are also a great option for the same these look extremely soothing and are light as a feather and thus a perfect summer outfit for all you lovely ladies. Ichakdana has the latest collection of sarees to suit every mood, with all the hues right from cheerful yellows to subtle pastels, right from rocking red to calming blues.